Professional training for postdocs

In the interdisciplinary field of aging research, CECAD Postdocs have a multitude of diverse tasks to perform. By providing excellent and up-to-date conditions for research as well as supporting their scientific independence, CECAD actively supports its postdoctoral researchers in all aspects of their daily work.

The international working environment at CECAD offers the early-stage scientists a chance to establish a wide-reaching network of scientific contacts and intensively promotes collaborative links between clinical and basic research.

To promote scientific independence, selected CECAD postdoctoral researchers are awarded a two-year research grant worth EUR 10,000/year. The grant covers material costs and additional financing is provided for a technical assistant. This support has already provided many of its postdoc recipients with a springboard to leading their own teams in renowned research institutes. Medical postdoctoral researchers can receive a specific grant to get exempted from their clinical duties to create space for their CECAD research.

Rotation positions offer young postdoctoral clinicians the chance to focus intensively on research projects for six months and thereby further support CECAD’s declared goal of bringing the fruits of research from ‘bench to bedside’.