Daniel Liber, Takara Bio Europe: "SMARTer ICELL8: The Open Platform for Single-Cell Genomics"

19.06.2018 | Calendar

CCG Seminar/Daniel Liber, Takara Bio Europe

Time: Tuesday June 19th, 2018 -  2:00 p.m. s.t.
Location: Institute for Genetics, lecture hall, ground floor – Zülpicher Straße 47a
Host: Peter Nürnberg

Dr Liber gained his PhD at the Medical Research Council in London, UK, studying the epigenetic mechanisms regulating stem cell pluripotency and differentiation. During his post-doctoral studies at Imperial College London, he started using next-generation sequencing technologies to analyse the epigenetic landscape of normal ovarian tissues and ovarian cancers to identify markers and regulatory pathways involved in carcinogenesis. Since 2015 Dr Liber has been working on high-throughput single-cell technologies for WaferGen Biosystems, now part of Takara Bio.
Single-cell genomics allows to investigate cellular heterogeneity at an unprecedented resolution. Numerous technologies have emerged in recent time. The SMARTer ICELL8 Single-Cell System gives more control in the experimental design, more confidence in the data and unique workflow flexibilities, while reducing the experimental costs. The ICELL8 multi-nanowell chip can isolate hundreds of cells from multiple samples at once, from the very small, like nuclei from frozen tissues, to the very large, like primary cardiomyocytes and 3D spheroids. The SMARTer ICELL8 has been validated for multiple applications, including gene expression analysis, full-length transcriptomics, T-Cell Receptor sequencing and ATAC-seq, which have been developed by Takara Bio’s R&D or ICELL8 users.