Panel Discussion "Reverse Mentoring - an opportunity to learn from each other"


Carien Niessen at the panel@Diversity Week/University of Cologne

Intestinal infections caused by Clostridioides difficile - How to determine whether antibiotics work?

14.04.2023 | TopNews

- New scientific findings on infection management

Genes are read faster and more sloppily in old age

12.04.2023 | TopNews

In a large joint project, a total of six research groups from the University of Cologne Cluster of Excellence on Cellular Stress…

Cold is beneficial for healthy aging

04.04.2023 | TopNews

A lower body temperature is one of the most effective mechanisms to prolong the lifespan of animals. Writing in ‘Nature Aging’, a…

Dieting: brain amplifies signal of hunger synapses

24.03.2023 | TopNews

Possible target for drugs to combat the yo-yo effect

Researchers discover a way to fight the aging process and cancer development

23.03.2023 | TopNews

Damage in the human genome can be repaired. But this works better in germ cells, sperm and eggs, than in normal body cells.…

Sweets change our brain

22.03.2023 | TopNews

Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate bars and Co.

15 years CECAD – a reason to celebrate

17.03.2023 | TopNews

The ceremony was well attended and a complete success.

How a metabolite causes inflammation and disease

09.03.2023 | TopNews

The accumulation of the metabolite fumarate in the mitochondrion, the powerhouse of a cell, can cause inflammation associated with…

Leptin helps hungry mice choose sex over food

23.02.2023 | TopNews

Priorities change depending on hunger level