Good news for aging research: CECAD remains excellent


On 27.09.2018, the Excellence Commission of the Federal Government and the federal States l announced the list of research institutes to be funded within the framework of the Excellence Strategy 2019-2025. CECAD is among the successful applicants and thus remains a Cluster of Excellence.

Demographic change and an aging population present our society with major challenges. The Cluster of Excellence CECAD for Aging Research investigates the biological and medical basis of the ageing process in order to find new strategies and therapies in the fight against age-associated diseases. In the future, the interaction between organs will play a greater role in research: How do liver and brain or heart and muscles communicate with each other? "We are very happy that the successful proposal will enable us to take the next step. From basic research to clinical application," said Prof. Thorsten Hoppe, deputy spokesperson of the Excellence Cluster.

The Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research is a joint project of the University of Cologne, the University Hospital of Cologne, the two Max Planck Institutes for Metabolic Research and for the Biology of Ageing as well as the German Centre for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). The University of Cologne is the spokesperson of the Cluster. The CECAD Cluster of Excellence was funded from 2007-2017 within the Excellence Initiative.