Science in the Pub

16.05.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hoppe Prof. Dr. Natalia Kononenko Prof. Dr. Thomas Langer

©Katharina Link

und Jun Yong Kim from Langer at Bumann und Sohn | ©Katharina Link

Santiago Camblor-Perujo form Kononenko Lab at Bumann und Sohn | ©Katharina Link

Speakers from Monday evening at Bumann und Sohn (left to right): Christian Dickel, Christoph Berke, Jun Yong Kim and Santiago Camblor-Perujo Santiago | ©Katharina Link

Carl Elias Kutzner (Hoppe Lab) at the Stapelbar | ©Katharina Link

Soni Deshwal (Langer Lab) at the Stapelbar | ©Katharina Link

Speakers from Tuesday evening at Stapelbar (left to right): Priyamedha Sengupta, Enric Bertran Garcia de Olalla, Soni Deshwal, Carl Elias Kutzner | ©Katharina Link

The international science festival took place as in person event again from May 9-11. CECAD scientists were also there on the sold-out evenings in Cologne's pubs presenting their projects and results.

Pint of Science brings science to the bar. Distributed in 320 cities, 24 countries and across all continents, Pint of Science gives thousands of scientists the opportunity to tell the public about their latest research results and findings.

Among the speakers this year were two scientists from the CECAD Research Center and two from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing.

On Monday in Bumann und Sohn, Santiago Camblor-Perujo (Kononenko Lab) explained “How to make a brain” and Jun Yong Kim (Langer Lab) spoke about "Aging and cancer: a fatal link".

Tuesdays in the Stapelbar we continued with Soni Deshwal (Langer Lab), who explained the importance of mitochondria in our cells (“Mitochondria - small factories in our cells or much more than that?”), and Carl Elias Kutzner (Hoppe Lab), who spoke about the Aging research very popular worm C. elegans spoke at the gym („Würmer im Fitnessstudio“).

"Pint of Science is the perfect opportunity for us scientists to simplify our research and make it accessible to the public and directly disseminate our newly gained knowledge," said Kutzner

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