"Secrets of the brain - what is it able to do, why does it age?" Public talk by Prof. Schumacher & Prof. Elger

26.10.2017 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

The life span of humans is still increasing every year. But have we "learned" to become older and how too live a healthy life? "Not yet", says Björn Schumacher. Together with Prof Elger he will give answers in a public talk. More details in German can be found here.

Where: FORUM Volkshochschule im Kulturquartier
            Cäcilienstraße 29-33
            50667 Köln

When: 27.10.2017, 19.00

Tickets: www.koelnticket.de/%22Geheimnis+Gehirn+-+was+es+kann%2C+warum+es+altert%22+mit+Prof-+Elger%2C+Prof-+Schumacher-Ticket-67/