Longer life due to faulty RNA processing

20.09.2022 | Prof. Dr. Adam Antebi

If introns remain in certain RNAs, worms live longer

Podcast Series


From 19-23 September 2022, CRC 1218 together with CECAD, University of Cologne and MPI AGE offers a podcast series in German…

Prof. Cornely receives Johann Lucas Schönlein Medal

14.09.2022 | Prof. Oliver Cornely

German-speaking Mycological Society

A building block for liver fitness in old age Researchers discover cellular protection against epigenetic changes

13.09.2022 | Dr. Peter Tessarz

Researchers discover cellular protection against epigenetic changes

Same same, but different


Evolution made nutrient sensing more precise in mammalian cells

Time’s arrow: Brief exposure to rapamycin has the same anti-ageing effects as lifelong treatment

29.08.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Linda Partridge

Imagine you could take a medicine that prevents the decline that come with age and keeps you healthy. Scientists are trying to…

Lone Fighter for a Longer Life: Protein Stops Signals More Effectively Alone

25.08.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hoppe

Scientists have found that the protein CHIP can control life-prolonging signals in the cell better on its own than in a team /…

Intake of fewer calories reduces inflammation drivers and protects against acute kidney injury in mice

22.07.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Roman-Ulrich Müller

Cologne scientists have previously shown in animal models that certain diets protect against kidney damage. Now the molecular…

Finalist for Eppendorf Award

06.07.2022 | TopNews

Lena Pernas selected for her outstanding contributions to biomedical research in Europe


No more binge eating: signal pathway in the brain that controls food intake discovered

27.06.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Johannes Vogt

The brain controls our body’s lysophospholipids, which in turn control a programme that activates nutritional intake / specific…