Same nerve cell - different influence on food intake

18.05.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Jens C. Brüning

Researchers reveal the diversity of our neurons

Jan Hoeijmakers receives funding and is coordinating a European Joint Project on Rare Diseases

10.05.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers

The project „Transcription stress Counteracted by Nutritional interventions of Exceptional importance for rare DNA Repair…

Silvia von Karstedt appointed to W2 professorship in Dynamics of Cancer and Immune Systems

01.05.2021 | Prof. Dr. Silvia von Karstedt TopNews

As of May 1, 2021, Silvia von Karstedt will take up the professorship for Dynamics of Cancer and Immune Systems, which is anchored…

DNA damage: the unifying cause of aging?

28.04.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

Based on a systematic review of the literature, scientists propose that DNA damage could be the unifying cause of aging | a Review…

A lack of DNA building blocks triggers an inflammatory reaction in cells

26.04.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thomas Langer

A study on yeast strains reveals how inflammation can be triggered by mitochondrial DNA. By influencing this metabolic pathway,…

Parkinson's Awareness Month April: Parkinson's Research at CECAD


Trembling hands make it difficult to eat with a fork or spoon. Even short distances on foot become insuperable - these profound…

Small cell lung cancer: Scientists reveal two possible mechanisms targetable with therapy

06.04.2021 | TopNews Discover

Iron-dependent cell death ferroptosis and cell death by oxidative stress can be activated in small cell lung cancer, and induced…

About Aging and the Skin

26.03.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

With the participation of numerous CECAD scientists, the special issue of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology focuses on…

Longer lifespan through fine-tuning of protein production


Is aging programed in our genes? Can small changes in DNA prolong life? To answer these questions, researchers at the Max Planck…

Sara Wickström is a new member of the International Faculty

15.03.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Sara Wickström

The International Faculty of the University of Cologne aims at international cross-linking and visibility of research and teaching…