How and why cells die: New CRC 1403 investigates fundamental questions of cell death

28.11.2019 | TopNews

Third-party project "Cell death in immunity, inflammations and diseases" (CRC 1403) funded with 13 million euros for four years

Insights into a versatile molecular death switch

21.11.2019 | TopNews

The enzyme caspase-8 regulates different modes of cell death including pyroptosis, as Hamid Kashkar and his team describe in…

Health in old age is a lifelong affair


Reduced food intake in old mice can no longer improve health

"The Killifish and the wrinkles of my father" - Dario Valenzano on ARTE


The short life cycle makes the Killifish extremely interesting for aging research.

Matthias Rübsam and Gisela Slaats receive CECAD Senior Postdoc Grants


Two Postdocs from CECAD groups, Matthias Rübsam (Niessen lab) and Gisela Slaats (Nephrolab), were selected to receive a full and a…

How cold temperature prolongs fertility and lifespan


Cold temperature delays the aging of the germline and extends fertility of C. elegans. The germline promotes the fitness of other…

Detox pathway extends lifespan of the worm C. elegans


A mutation in mitochondrial gene doubles the lifespan in the worm C. elegans by turning on a detox pathway, researchers of the…

Skin in balance: joint forces of polarity and cell mechanics


Molecular mechanics in the skin of mice are driven by polarity genes as a team led by Sandra Iden of the Cluster of Excellence…

New findings challenge established concepts of genetic inheritance: The body controls the integrity of heritable genomes


Since more than hundred years heritance of the genetic information was thought to be autonomously controlled by the germ cells.…