Extracellular vesicles as a new source for biomarkers in kidney transplantation


A team of scientists identified a novel non-invasive method to predict outcome after kidney transplantation in urine

Scientist from Cambridge can transfer to CECAD with an Alexander von Humboldt Professorship


Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne begins recruitment negotiations with metabolism researcher Christian Frezza from…

Spring Meeting 2021/3rd Aging Conference "From Mechanisms to Disease" CANCELED


The meeting is postponed until further notice. A new date will be communicated as soon as possible.

Research team discovers mechanism that restores cell function after genome damage


Researchers at the University of Cologne have found out how cells can recover their development and longevity after damage by UV /…

Prof. Roman-Ulrich Müller is honored with the Carl-Ludwig-Award


Each year the german society für nephrology (DGfN) honors outstanding scientific work in the field of kidney disease and…

2 prizes in a week


Prof. Dr. Jens Brüning was awarded with the EASD / Novo Nordisk Foundation Diabetes Prize for Excellence and the Ernst Schering…

Fine-tuning stem cell metabolism prevents hair loss


An international research team has shown in mice that Rictor, a protein that helps to regulate the growth, energy, and oxygen…

400.000 € for research on a Corona rapid test


BMBF support for cooperation projekt

Four-stranded DNA structures found to play role in breast cancer


A potential new target for personalized medicine discovered

The mitochondrial connection: Why blood vessels in wounds and tumors start sprouting


New Kashkar study shows: With high energy demand and under challenging nutrient conditions during tissue repair or tumor growth,…