Why developing nerve cells can take a wrong turn


Loss of ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme leads to impediment in growth of nerve cells/Link found between cellular machineries of…

Molecular mechanism explaining albuminuria in kidney disease identified


Nature Metabolism cover story: The biophysical basis of kidney ultrafiltration

Tissues protect their DNA under mechanical stress


Nuclei and genetic material deform

Repair instead of renew: damaged powerhouses of cells have their own ‘workshop mode’


CECAD-researcher has found a molecular repair pathway for cellular energy production / publication in ‘Nature Communications’

Acute brain injury –

26.03.2020 | News and Calendar

New finding reveals a crucial role of glial cells in enabling vascular remodelling

A new mechanism triggering cell death and inflammation: a left turn that kills

25.03.2020 | News and Calendar

Writing in ‘Nature’, researchers from Cologne, Texas and London describe their discovery of a new mechanism that could contribute…

Autophagy: Scientists discover novel role for self-recycling process in the brain


Proteins classically associated with autophagy regulate the speed of intracellular transport / Publication in ‚Nature…

Why Do Cells Not Regenerate After Disease Or Upon Ageing?


Carien Niessen in a video by Latest Thinking

New technique: monitoring organs and cells in living fly larvae


New imaging technique published in the journal "Nature Protocols"

"Clusters4Future" - Cologne Cluster for Healthy & Active Ageing (CCAA) among the 16 finalists


A jury of experts has selected 16 out of 137 proposals for funding for a conception phase in the "Clusters4Future" ideas…