Welcome to two new W3 Professors at CECAD

01.09.2021 | TopNews

Filipe Cabreiro and Christian Frezza start their work in Cologne

Soapbox Science Rhineland: Female scientists explain their research on Rudolfplatz in Cologne

13.08.2021 | TopNews

On August 21, female scientists will present their research to passers-by on Rudolfplatz in Cologne.

Scientists discover new regulators of the aging process

28.07.2021 | TopNews Discover Prof. Dr. Marcus Krüger Prof. Dr. David Vilchez

The attachment of the small protein ubiquitin to other proteins (ubiquitination) regulates numerous biological processes,…

More than 5 million euros for kidney research

23.07.2021 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thomas Benzing

Second funding period for KFO 329 approved

Starvation and other Stresses: Internal Sensor in Cells Coordinates Cellular Stress Response

12.07.2021 | TopNews Discover

Scientists in Cologne have discovered an important role for the protein complex mTORC1 that centrally regulates cell…

Stiffness of skin tissue determines the renewal capacity of stem cells

08.07.2021 | TopNews Discover Prof. Dr. Carien Niessen Prof. Dr. Sara Wickström

Old and young skin stem cells are both capable of renewing the skin and its hair follicles. A slower renewal turnover of aged skin…