Radiation damage to paternal DNA is passed on to offspring

21.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

Damage to the paternal genome of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans cannot be repaired and is instead passed on to its offspring,…

New DFG research group investigates causes and consequences of genome instability

09.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

Scientists from Cologne and Münster investigate how DNA damage triggers the development of age-related diseases / Results could…

Antiviral defence regulates intestinal function and overall gut health

07.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hoppe

New function of a known defence mechanism discovered: RNA interference not only fights viruses, it also regulates the protein…

A Quality-Conscious Protein

02.12.2022 | TopNews

Researchers have identified a new function of a well-known enzyme: the signal peptidase complex is responsible for the quality…

Do women age differently from men?

01.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Linda Partridge

Studies in fruit flies reveal how the sex determines the responses to the anti-ageing drug rapamycin

CECAD scientist wins funding for research on the microbiome

22.11.2022 | TopNews

Biologist Dr Gilles Storelli receives coveted ERC Grant / The European Research Council awards ERC Starting Grants to excellent…

Lena Pernas selected as EMBO Young Investigator and awarded with BINDER prize

22.11.2022 | TopNews

Outstanding research in cell biology: Lena Pernas, CECAD member and Max Planck Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute…

Alzheimer's research: Two new genes that increase disease risk

22.11.2022 | TopNews

CECAD PI contributed to world's largest exome sequencing study

Three physicians among CECAD PIs rated top researchers worldwide

16.11.2022 | TopNews

Highly Cited Researcher 2022

Power plants of the cells: Mitochondria have "garbage disposal" to dispose of mutated mtDNA

16.11.2022 | TopNews

Cologne-based research team around CECAD PI Rudolf Wiesner identifies a molecular target that could open up new approaches for…