Sweets change our brain

22.03.2023 | TopNews

Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate bars and Co.

15 years CECAD – a reason to celebrate

17.03.2023 | TopNews

The ceremony was well attended and a complete success.

How a metabolite causes inflammation and disease

09.03.2023 | TopNews

The accumulation of the metabolite fumarate in the mitochondrion, the powerhouse of a cell, can cause inflammation associated with…

Leptin helps hungry mice choose sex over food

23.02.2023 | TopNews

Priorities change depending on hunger level

Research Award for Dr. Débora Trentini Schmidt

06.02.2023 | TopNews

Dr. Débora Trentini Schmidt received the €10,000 Research Award of the Peter and Traudl Engelhorn Foundation in January 9, 2023.

Dr. Leo Kurian starts junior professorship for regulation of cellular identity in embryonic development, homeostasis, and disease

01.02.2023 | TopNews Dr. Leo Kurian

Dr. Leo Kurian will start his W1 professorship in Regulation of Cellular Identity in Embryonic Development, Homeostasis and in the…

Mitochondria produce antioxidants to protect our cells from dying

19.01.2023 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thomas Langer

Coenzyme Q distribution within the cell is regulated by mitochondria

Uridine makes you hungry

18.01.2023 | TopNews

Study on volunteers finds new regulator of food intake

Radiation damage to paternal DNA is passed on to offspring

21.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

Damage to the paternal genome of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans cannot be repaired and is instead passed on to its offspring,…

New DFG research group investigates causes and consequences of genome instability

09.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher

Scientists from Cologne and Münster investigate how DNA damage triggers the development of age-related diseases / Results could…