Antiviral defence regulates intestinal function and overall gut health

07.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hoppe

New function of a known defence mechanism discovered: RNA interference not only fights viruses, it also regulates the protein…

A Quality-Conscious Protein

02.12.2022 | TopNews

Researchers have identified a new function of a well-known enzyme: the signal peptidase complex is responsible for the quality…

Do women age differently from men?

01.12.2022 | TopNews Prof. Dr. Linda Partridge

Studies in fruit flies reveal how the sex determines the responses to the anti-ageing drug rapamycin

CECAD scientist wins funding for research on the microbiome

22.11.2022 | TopNews

Biologist Dr Gilles Storelli receives coveted ERC Grant / The European Research Council awards ERC Starting Grants to excellent…

Lena Pernas selected as EMBO Young Investigator and awarded with BINDER prize

22.11.2022 | TopNews

Outstanding research in cell biology: Lena Pernas, CECAD member and Max Planck Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute…

Alzheimer's research: Two new genes that increase disease risk

22.11.2022 | TopNews

CECAD PI contributed to world's largest exome sequencing study

Three physicians among CECAD PIs rated top researchers worldwide

16.11.2022 | TopNews

Highly Cited Researcher 2022

Power plants of the cells: Mitochondria have "garbage disposal" to dispose of mutated mtDNA

16.11.2022 | TopNews

Cologne-based research team around CECAD PI Rudolf Wiesner identifies a molecular target that could open up new approaches for…

High fat, low carb: A ketogenic diet could help patients with cystic kidneys

07.11.2022 | TopNews

A first clinical trial has shown that a ketogenic metabolism can have a positive effect on patients with cystic kidneys /…

CECAD employees:

04.11.2022 | TopNews

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