Gender and Diversity in Science (GADIS)

What is GADIS?

Besides equal opportunity and gender equality of scientists, diversity plays an important role in our research institutes since we aim for fully exploiting the available talent and innovation potential.

Diverse working groups have a positive impact on the quality of research due to the variety of perspectives, experiences and skills contributed by their members regarding the research’s quality, offering considerable added value.

GADIS is a collaborative initiative of CECAD, together with the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing and the SFB 1451. Under our common logo, we organize events which raise awareness for diversity topics, set positive role models for successful gender equality concepts and reveal new general perspectives and ideas for gender equality and diversity in science.

“Gender equality enhances research quality because it enlarges the talent pool, promotes a diversity of research perspectives, and eliminates blind spots regarding the significance of gender in research contents and methods.“

(The DFG’s Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality, 2008 )

For us, diversity means:

  • Age
  • Ethnicity and nationality
  • Gender
  • Physical and intellectual capacities
  • Religion/ideology
  • Sexual identity
  • Social origin

(Source: “Charta der Vielfalt“)

Diversity competences:

  • Recognize and understand prejudice and biases
  • Coherent thinking
  • Ability to deal with conflict
  • Ability to cooperate
  • Ability to reflect
  • Ability to analyze
  • Flexibility
  • Tolerate and deal with contradictions
  • Changing perspectives

(Source: “Charta der Vielfalt“)

Added value:

  • Creation of equal opportunity
  • Increased creativity and innovation capacity
  • Empowering the team spirit
  • Increased productivity through a broader spectrum of competences
  • Taking into account the needs of all scientists
  • Promotion of tolerance
  • Greater employee satisfaction
Upcoming Event

20 October 2022, 12 - 2 pm
Surviving a life changing accident and relearning how to be a scientist with physical disabilities
VIRTUAL TALK by Dr Erin Tranfield



September 2022 Event

Increasing Diversity in Higher Education – Experiences by Prof. Victoria Abraira

Sept 16, 2022, 11.00 a.m.
Live @Clinic of Neurology, Building 30

Zoom in:

Diversity Week Events (May 2022)
Format Title Trainer / Speaker Date Time Location Group Registration
Workshop Intercultural communication skills Anne-Marie Dingemanns 19.05. 22 9 am to 5 pm CECAD PhD candidates; Postdocs Email to Jenny Ostermann
Workshop Being a valued member in a diverse team Anne-Marie Dingemanns 24.05.22 9 am to 5 pm CECAD Doctoral Researchers; Postdocs Email to Jenny Ostermann
Diversity Week* Talk (see link below) Why still care about equal opportunities in the 21st century? Status quo, challenges, and new perspectives Dr. Isabel Fraas and Dr. Anne Freese 30.05.22 4 pm Online open for everyone


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