Solidarity with Ukraine

Opportunities for Scientist Refugees

Our solidarity lies with the Ukraine and its people and at the same time with those who oppose the war, regardless of their nationality.

CECAD as part of the University of Cologne fully supports the University statement:

Here you can also find an overview of services provided by the University of Cologne to support international students and employees.

As international research center it is a matter of the heart to provide opportunities for scientist refugees from the Ukraine and other countries. Therefore, we assembled a list of CECAD laboratories which have capacities to take up scientists.

PI Topic link to more information
Andreas Beyer Cellular Networks and Systems Biology
Joris Deelen Genetics and Biomarkers
Ana Garcia Membrane Biophysics
Thorsten Hoppe Proteostasis in Development and Aging
Natalia Kononenko Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration
Thomas Krieg Translational Matrix Biology
Leo Kurian Decoding the Genome
Thomas Langer Mitochondrial Plasticity in Aging and Disease
Maria Leptin Epidermal Homeostasis
Lena Pernas Metabolism of Infection
Dominik Pesta Energy metabolism of earth- and spaceflight-associated metabolic disorders
Cristina Polidori Promotors of Robustness
Jane Reznick From Naked Mole-Rats to Mice
Jan Riemer Redox processes and mechanisms of mitochondrial biogenesis
Björn Schumacher Genome Stability in Aging
Sophie Steculorum Sensory Regulation of Metabolism
Gilles Storelli Stress signaling and Metabolism
Aleksandra Trifunovic Mitochondrial Signalling
Mirka Uhlirova Signaling and Gene Expression
David Vilchez Proteostasis of Aging and Stem Cells
Andreas Wodarz Cell Polarity and Stem Cells