CECAD at Expo Shanghai

In September 2010 the Universities of Cologne, Münster and Dortmund appeared togehter at the Shanghai Expo with a presentation in the NRW Science Container in the German Pavilion.

Being guests in Asia meant "seeing things through the eyes of a stranger", adapting to and catering for the different viewing habits shaped by the dynamic lifestyle of the Chinese. Fast-moving, 360° images on science and emotions suggested that scientific and economic activities are driven there by cognition and pathos, high-tech and sustainability.

Today's mega challenges are global problems, which can only be solved globally. This is why the three universities joined forces to present their research projects in Shanghai.

CECAD stated its mission, under the heading: "Understanding Aging" as aiming to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying lifespan to regulation and aging-associated diseases in order to develop novel therapeutic interventions – a key issue for aging populations.

The University of Münster focused on questions around "future energy": What will mobility (by car) look like in the future? Will there be environmentally friendly alternatives to combustion engines? At the newly established battery research center "MEET" an international team of 100 scientists is working to find answers to these questions.

The Faculty of Spatial Planning at the TU Dortmund University is developing concepts to ensure the sustainable development of future metropolitan areas: their research focuses on changes brought about by climate change, structural developments and aging societies.

With their parallel research projects, the three universities accentuated one important message: the necessity of working across borders to find solutions to global problems.