Aging Science Expedition – CECAD live

An Exhibition by CECAD, the Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research

From 13 - 15th June the public had a unique chance to obtain some penetrating insights into the competitive research carried out at the Cologne Cluster of Excellence: Why do humans age? Why do diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s occur more frequently in old age? How can you stay healthy while aging? – The exhibition in the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) explained in an exciting and intelligible way, which research questions are being addressed by CECAD, which methods are used in the search for pivotal information and answers to key questions, and how the findings of basic research scientists are translated into novel therapeutic applications.

CECAD holds a leading position in international research in the field of aging. The aim of the exhibition at the IHK Cologne was to raise awareness, in the city and surrounding regions, of the high relevance of CECAD’s research to society. IHK Cologne had proved an ideal collaborating partner, facilitating and empowering initiatives to develop the products of scientific discoveries commercially.

If you missed "Aging Science Expedition - CECAD live" in June 2012 you now have the chance to visit the exhibition online:
Here you find the exhibition overview.

Within the context of the exhibition opening, CECAD invited guests from business, politics, administration and science to an exclusive evening at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) Cologne.
Here you find more information on the evening and the picture gallery.

Aging Science Expedition: CECAD Live

Exhibition 13 - 15th of June 2012
IHK Köln
Unter Sachsenhausen 10 - 26, 50667 Köln

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Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH | Carl Zeiss Gruppe

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