Press Releases

Only the stressed die young

Function of Protein “Smallish” Unraveled - Breakthrough after 20 years of research

New method for testing drug function - Findings from basic research could facilitate drug development

DFG supports a new Clinical Research Unit (CRU 329) focusing on disease pathways in podocyte injury

To differentiate or not to differentiate? Stem cells sense neighbourhood crowding

Improving the Neuron Factory – New Modulator of Stem Cell Identity found

Protect the skin, build barriers: Old acquaintance in a new role

Road map to a longer life

Fast-forward Aging due to DNA Damage

Inflammation and Metabolism in Tissue Repair and Regeneration

The protein “CHIP” unfurls anti-aging activity

Three Scientists on Aging win ERC Grants for Cologne

A New Role for Autophagosomes in Neurodegeneration

Björn Schumacher publishes thesis paper: New therapies must adress aging itself

Mitochondrial protease PARL mediates the processing of the cell death regulator Smac

Genome-based diets maximise growth, fecundity, and lifespan

New insights on how pathogens escape the immune system

How the brain reacts to obesity

Keeping Skin Cancer in Check: How the environment influences the tumor

Reprogrammable skin stem cells in a test-tube

Epigenomic-based identification of major cell identity regulators

Defining immortality of stem cells to identify novel antiaging mechanisms

Solving the puzzle of necroptosis

Keeping skin integrity: Par polarity matters

Of fly, mouse and man – uncovering TOR signaling as evolutionary conserved pathway in wound healing and skin damage responses

New hope for better wound healing

A new switch decides between genome repair and death of cells

Stem cells feel the force - new publication in Nature Cell Biology


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