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Highlights 2014

The research into aging

In its issue of March/ April 2014, the german magazine „Pro Alter“ reported about the work of the CECAD Cluster of Excellence and its model of interdisciplinary and translational aging research, where newly gained results are used quickly and efficiently to find new treatments for the patients.

Amongst other things, CECAD puts emphasis on the research on the mitochondrial function which is said to have a big influence on the process of aging, and the effectsof DNA damages on the organism.

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(Source: Astrid Bergmeister, Laura Knepper: Länger gesund im Alter? – Die Erforschung des Alterns. In: Pro Alter, März/April 2014, S. 63-65)

Highlights 2013

How complex is research into aging?

In August, 2013, the german magazine „Management & Krankenhaus“ reported about the Cologne Cluster of Excellence CECAD, its model of interdisciplinary research and the intelligent design of the new CECAD Research Center, where close connections between the labs allow an even bigger exchange of ideas and results.

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(Astrid Bergmeister, Laura Knepper: Wie komplex ist die Erforschung des Alterns? In:  Management & Krankenhaus, 08/2013, S. 18-19)

Highlights 2012

A Hotspot for the Young Science of Aging

The german magazine „NRW. A Spotlight on Biotechnology“ reported in its issue 2, November 2012 about the center of aging research in Cologne-Bonn, which is formed by the CECAd Cluster of Excellence, MPI for Biology of Aging (both in Cologne), caesar and DZNE (both in Bonn).

These research institutions put their emphasis on the relatively young discipline of aging research and try to find ways to maintain health in elderly people.

The institutions being close to each other favors the exchange and gain of new research results, as many oft he researchers are able to work in more than one institution.

Please visit www.bio.nrw.de for further information regarding this topic and the center of research North Rhine-Westphalia.

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(Source: Frank Nischk: A Hotspot for the Young Science of Aging. In: NRW. A Spotlight an Biotechnology, Ausgabe 2, November 2011, S. 25-29. © BIO.NRW)

Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 13.06.2012: Alternsforschung geht in den Klinikalltag

Highlights 2011

  • Bild Köln, 27.09.2011: Krebs, Demenz, Altern - Hier forschen Kölner für ein besseres Leben
  • NRW Spotlight on Biotechnology, Issue 2, 11.2011: A Hotspot for the Young Science of Aging