Relaunch CECAD 3.0

02.10.2019 | Kalender

Kick-off of a new funding period, talks by keynote speaker Eicke Latz (Institute Innate Immunity), speakers Hamid Kashkar, Carien Niessen and Aleksandra Trifunovic

Program CECAD Relaunch October 2


15:00   Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trifunovic 

Acting Director CECAD Research Center

CECAD 3.0: an Overview

15:10   Prof. Dr. Carien Niessen 

Scientific Coordinator CECAD

Breaking news on Cell death and Immunity

15:30   Prof. Dr. Hamid Kashkar

            Associated CECAD member

            "How caspases control life and death"           

Keynote Lecture

16:00   Prof. Dr. Eicke Latz

Director Institute Innate Immunity, Co-speaker Immunosensation

Bonn Cluster of Excellence

“Inflammasomes: from Bench to Bed side”