Cologne Metabolomics Symposium: "Red meets green metabolomics"

24.09.2019 - 24.09.2019 | Kalender

9.30-18.00, Cologne Biocenter

Dear All,

we are pleased to invite you to the first Cologne Metabolomics Symposium under the motto "Red meets green metabolomics", held at the Cologne Biocenter, Zülpicher Str. 47b (building 304, room 0.024), on 24 September 2019 from 9.30-18.00.

This symposium is jointly organized by CEPLAS and CECAD and co-organized / supported by BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG, Innsbruck and SCIEX Germany, Darmstadt.

We will guide you through two scientific sessions: the "green" session "Plant Metabolomics" will cover various mass spectrometry-based approaches to study plant metabolism. The "red" session "Clinical Metabolomics and Microbiomics" will focus on metabolism and host-microbiome interaction in disease. The recently founded German Society of Metabolomic Research (DGMet) will be introduced as well. The detailed program is attached to this email.

Participation is free of charge, but a pre-registration is recommended. For further information and registration please click on the link below.


We are excited to see you at the Biocenter in September!

Sabine Metzger, Susanne Brodesser, Petra Blankenstein, Bijon Chatterji

(Organization committee)