CECAD: Synergies via a new network of innovative minds and ideas

‘More and more people are living longer and longer. CECAD is looking for solutions leading to a healthy old age.’

The demographic shift in our aging population is one of the greatest challenges of our times.

Research into aging and aging-associated diseases is therefore of both individual and societal relevance. CECAD presents its scientists’ work to the world beyond the scientific community and raises public awareness of what successful research means for both the individual and society as a whole.

CECAD communicates actively – for both internal and external purposes – using an integrated communication and marketing strategy that harmonizes target groups, messages, goals, and projects in the making. Thanks to its highly developed corporate design, CECAD networks with specific target groups in the scientific community on politics, scientific administration, and economics. New pathways dovetail with conventional channels of information and research transfer. CECAD has increased its national and international impact considerably in the second funding period.

‘Our position at the interface between research and commercial enterprise carries great responsibility. Things often start with a molecule, then a cell, but ultimately concern a patient. It involves people – every single member of our society.’
Translational research is a very dynamic field, systematically transferring basic scientific knowledge into clinical practice. New findings reach patients rapidly and create new therapeutic standards. Nevertheless, the main requirement for developing new treatments to combat age-associated diseases is still basic scientific research. CECAD finds solutions to generate innovations from ideas. And these innovative concepts need competent partners – business companies and politicians.

Together with the scientists, PR & Marketing has furthered close contact with the city department of economics in Cologne, the Cologne Biocampus, various lobby groups, and commercial enterprises. The translational events ‘CECAD Research meets BioRiver Companies’ in 2013, and ‘CECAD Campus meets BioCampus Cologne’ in 2014 were extremely successful.