Bridging Perspectives: CECAD Exhibition opens doors for dialogue on Diversity and Mental Health in Science

22.11.2023 TopNews

Discussing at the QueerCECAD poster.
The members of the panel discussion.
Photo (c) Tanio Calabrese
The "Suggestion Box" receiving its first note.

Fostering a deeper understanding of the interplay between diversity, mental health, and the scientific environment here at CECAD.

The CECAD Lecture Hall was abuzz with anticipation as the doors opened to the exhibition, "Bridging Perspectives: A Dialogue on Diversity and Mental Health in Science" on November 16th, an event sought to foster a deeper understanding of the interplay between diversity, mental health, and the scientific environment here at CECAD.

The opening panel discussion, "Bridging Communication - Preventing Tension through Dialogue" featured esteemed guests from the CECAD Cluster, the University, and the University Hospital. The panel included Soni Deshwal, a Postdoctoral researcher from MPI Age stepping in for Shreyashi Bhattacharya; Elke Kalbe, Vice Dean for Academic Development and Equal Opportunities at the Medical Faculty; Lea Trojahn, a PhD student at CECAD and member of the QueerCECAD network; Rudolf Wiesner, a PI associated with CECAD and member of the Network Antidiscrimination Medical Faculty; and Susanne Zank, Vice-Rector for Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunities at the University.

Addressing the challenges posed by workload, multiculturalism, competition, communication barriers, and other stressors prevalent in scientific settings, the participants of the panel discussion aimed to shed light on the impact these factors can have on mental health. All panel members and also CECAD as the organizer emphasized the importance of building bridges between diverse perspectives and providing information about existing support structures for those facing such challenges.

Following the enlightening panel discussion, attendees could continue the discussion during a lively get-together in the CECAD foyer. Snacks, drinks, and engaging posters from the exhibition set the stage for further conversations. A "Suggestion Box" was set among the posters, available to collect any hint or feedback that might make CECAD better – this box will remain available until the end of the exhibition and possibly even further!

The exhibition will run until December 1st, offering workshops and resources to delve deeper into the crucial topics of diversity and mental health in the scientific realm. More information is provided on the CECAD website, where all the posters will be published to allow a dynamic interaction also from afar.

This initiative, stands as a commitment of CECAD to inclusivity, understanding, and support within our scientific community. As the event continues, it promises to be a beacon of enlightenment and advocacy for a healthier, more inclusive working environment.


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