Je nach Lage im Organ altern Leberzellen unterschiedlich

26.10.2023 TopNews

Eine Gruppe von Wissenschaftler*innen des Alternsforschungs-Exzellenzclusters CECAD der Universität zu Köln und vom…


Plant chloroplasts promise potential therapy for Huntington’s disease

04.10.2023 TopNews

A chloroplast enzyme safeguards plants against pathological protein aggregation that causes Huntington’s and other…

2nd place at BioRiverBoost! 2023 start-up competition

27.09.2023 TopNews

Plantman, a cooperative project from CECAD and CEPLAS presents unconventional approach to find potential drugs for Huntington's…

Anti-obesity drug improves associative learning in people with obesity

17.08.2023 TopNews

Liraglutide benefits brain activity in people with obesity

Metabolism meets signalling to fine-tune cell growth

11.08.2023 TopNews

Endogenous metabolite directly inhibits mTORC1 activity

Male germ cells are mainly responsible for gene changes

11.07.2023 TopNews

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) grants over a million euros worth of funding to the research…

The German Open Science Festival - already a tradition for the second time

10.07.2023 TopNews

160 visitors celebrated Open Science in Cologne on 4 and 5 July 2023.

Panel Discussion "Reverse Mentoring - an opportunity to learn from each other"


Carien Niessen at the panel@Diversity Week/University of Cologne