Microwave for tissue embedding

Name  Pelco Biowave




PELCO BioWave® Pro Specifications

Microwave power rangeContinuous power settings from 100-750 Watts
Microwave frequency2.45 Ghz
Microwave power controlProgrammable controller with 10 modifiable presets
Function control6" Touch screen user interface
Temperature control± 1°C for most aqueous solutions
Cooling internalIntegrated ambient water cooling system
Cooling external (optional)PELCO SteadyTemp™: 450W chilled cooling system
Magnetic stirrerIntegrated, 0-300rpm speed
Exhaust110cfm capacity
VentingAutomatic when door is opened
Vacuum system20" Hg, 3 selectable modes
Air bubblerUp to 0.8ltr/min with 2.5" column of water pressure
Protocol managementProtocols can be stored, using a total of 200 steps
Dimensions55.3 W x 51.4 D x 54.6 H cm (21.75" x 20.25" x 21.5")
Weight37.7kg (83 lbs)
Power required36500: 15A/115VAC;   36500-230: 10A/230VAC