Image Analysis

The CECAD Imaging Facility advises researchers on how to get the information of interest out of their images. For this purpose, we offer two strategies:

  • Application of existing image analysis software
    For many bioimage-related problems a variety of image analysis tools already exists. We support users in the choice of tools and methods that best fit their needs.

    We offer dedicated analysis and processing software on a dedicated analysis station. The following software packages are available in the facility:



Application Example

HuygensScientific Volume ImagingImage Deconvolution
ImarisBitplane3D visualization and analysis visualization (modules: Coloc, MeasurementPro, Track, Vantage, Lineage, FilamentTracer, XT)
VolocityPerkinElmerMultidimensional processing and analysis
SymPhoTimePicoquantFluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) analysis
MatlabMathworksProgramming and visualization environment
FIJI/ImageJopen sourceimage processing and development
OMERO.insightopen sourceClient to access the OMERO image visualization and management server
Cellprofileropen sourceVersatile image analysis workflow designer
Ilastikopen sourceimage classification and segmentation
KNIMEopen sourceData analytics, reporting and integration platform
  • Development of novel image analysis approaches
    In case no appropriate method exists, we can develop tailored image analysis algorithms. These long-term projects are done in a collaboration approach together with the imaging facility.


Dr. Astrid Schauss
Head of Imaging Facility
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