The Proteomics Core Facility offers a range of different services:

  • Identification and site-localization of selected post-translational modifications 
  • Global quantification of (sub)proteomes using DDA and DIA
  • co-IP analysis using label-free or stable isotope labeling approaches 
  • Identification of gel-separated and Coomassie-stained proteins 
  • Determination of molecular mass of intact proteins
  • Fast-track SILAC label incorporation check 
  • Fast-track validation of antibodies for Co-IP experiments 
  • Data analysis for all of the services listed above 
  • Storage of raw and processed MS data in publicly available repositories for publication as requested by most peer-reviewed journals

Dr. Jan-Wilm Lackmann

Head of CECAD/CMMC Proteomics Facility

(+49) 221 478 84013


CECAD Proteomics Facility

Room: 1.010

Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 26

50931 Köln