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Ageing@EITHealth is a pan-European doctoral programme that brings together EIT Health academic and non-academic partners to train a new generation of PhD specialists in gerontology, neuroscience and epidemiology with solid innovation and entrepreneurship competencies.

Message by M. Cristina Polidori:

We are very proud and honoured to have hosted this year's Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) Course "Frailty in Real-life and its Translational Aspects"  within the EIT Health Ageing PhD School.

World-recognized scientists in the field of Aging Medicine and Geriatrics, Biochemistry, Biogerontology, Sociology/Public Health and Technology presented from September 6th to September 17th, 2021 the state-of-the-art of advances in knowledge on the topic of aging and frailty and offered a comprehensive perspective on its several facets. Research outlooks, translational implications and real-life simulations as well as know-do gap-related challenges were discussed in depth to put the spotlight on specific needs for relevant, modern study designs. In addition, representatives from the fields of industry, career development and biostatistics delivered to the audience a broad spectrum of new approaches and solid methodology aimed at strengthening 21st century-aging research and personalized medicine.  

We are deeply grateful to all contibutors for the high level of excellence achieved in this course thanks to their presence.  We sincerely thank the numerous participants for the lively discussion and positive feedback!

Looking forward to the next course,

M. Cristina Polidori
on behalf of the scientific organization and program management team of the EIT Health Ageing PhD School

Information about the courses

As part of the EIT Health PhD School, two related modules are offered by Prof. Dr. Dr. M. Cristina Polidori: 

I ) Frailty in real life and its translational aspects
II) Relevance of frailty in your field of research – Hands on scientific writing and publishing

More about the two related modules by M. Cristina Polidori

Ageing is not only a heterogeneous process in which age-related changes occur in a continuum from organ integrity to pathology, it is also a complex process mainly characterized by multifactoriality. With the dramatic increase of the older multimorbid population, the organ-centered approach based upon the algorithm “one-cause-one-mechanism-one-therapy” is being strongly challenged. Older persons with diminished organ reserve and increased susceptibility to system failure, which are defined as frail, benefit extremely from age-attuned medical multidimensional interdisciplinary management. It is important to note that frailty, as the field of action of geriatrics, is a dynamic process which is reversible if adequately managed. Therefore, its identification in the population is essential for prevention as well as effective treatment.

In this course, students will be taught in the concept and principles of ageing and frailty in lectures, seminars and workshops by leading experts in the field. Students will learn about the importance of ageing research for innovation in the medical sector and get in contact with founders of start-ups to profit from their personal experience.

In an optional follow-up module, students are given the chance to connect the insights into ageing and frailty they gained during the course with their personal research and to be mentored from idea to publication.

Schedule for the first module "Frailty in real life"

M. Cristina Polidori on topics of frailty

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