Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research

Understanding how and why we age are fundamental biological questions with great medical and societal impact. To address these questions, we need to train a new generation of biomedical scientists to unravel the basic molecular mechanisms underlying ageing and age-related diseases.

We offer young scientists of exceptional talent a structured PhD training in biomedical disciplines within an international environment. Principal investigators are internationally recognized scientists carrying out ground-breaking research, who cover a broad range of expertise. New facilities with state-of-the-art technologies provide excellent infrastructure for training and research. The doctoral programme is comprised of seminars and courses in aging research, writing and presentation training as well as practical career development opportunities. The Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research strives to foster scientific independence in our students by immersing them in high quality research, and encouraging critical thinking skills, lively exchange with other scientists, active participation and scholarship. Our students receive a full fellowship for the duration of the programme. All communication and courses are conducted in English.