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Genes are read faster and more sloppily in old age

In a large joint project, a total of six research groups from the University of Cologne Cluster of Excellence on Cellular Stress…

Cold is beneficial for healthy aging

A lower body temperature is one of the most effective mechanisms to prolong the lifespan of animals. Writing in ‘Nature Aging’, a…

Dieting: brain amplifies signal of hunger synapses

Possible target for drugs to combat the yo-yo effect

Researchers discover a way to fight the aging process and cancer development

Damage in the human genome can be repaired. But this works better in germ cells, sperm and eggs, than in normal body cells.…

Sweets change our brain

Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate bars and Co.

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Carien Niessen & Pia Pinger: "Chancengleichheit durch Mentoring"

Vortragsreihe an der VHS Köln/Prof.' Dr. Carien Niessen & Prof.' Dr. Pia Pinger, Abteilung für Zellbiologie der Haut,…



Achieving your own scientific independence

Workshop for Doctoral Candidates (3rd year onwards) and early Postdocs/How to raise third-party funding



Volker Haucke: "Rewiring of organelle dynamics & cell metabolism by signaling lipids"

Cologne Seminar Series on Ageing / Volker Haucke, Leibnitz-Forschungsinstitut für Molekulare Pharmakologie, GER



Mikka Hiltunen: ‘Mechanistic and translational research on microglia-specific genetic risk variants in Alzheimer’s disease (MgAlz)’

Cologne Seminars on Ageing Series talk by Mikka Hiltunen, Institute of Biomedicine, University of Eastern Finland, Finland



Constantinos Demetriades: "New cell biological principles of nutrient sensing and mTOR signaling"

Talk/Lecture Series "The multifaceted role of metabolism in human diseases" /IPMM lecture series in Molecular Medicine SS 2023…

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As life expectancy increases, our society is changing - the proportion of older people is growing. For the future of mankind and our society, it is therefore important to be able to prevent and treat the rapidly increasing age-related diseases in the future. read more

Podcast "Altern – wie können wir gesund alt werden?"

The podcast series "Exzellent erklärt – Spitzenforschung für alle" ("Excellently Explained - Cutting-Edge Research for All") by the Deutsche Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) regularly reports from one of the 57 research clusters funded under the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. In the current episode the focus is on aging research, with CECAD members Prof. Dr. Cristina Polidori and Prof. Dr. Björn Schumacher.

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In a society where people are living longer and longer the Cologne Cluster of Excellence CECAD at the University of Cologne explores the causes of aging processes and aging-associated disorders.