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ERC Advanced Grants for the CECAD researchers Jens Brüning and Thorsten Hoppe

Metabolism researcher Jens Brüning and geneticist Thorsten Hoppe, both working group leaders at the Cluster of Excellence for…

Insights on DNA damage and aging shared in Forbes

The new study recently published in Nature Genetics by Jan Hoeijmkers, Akos Gyenis, Jiang Chang, and Joris Pothof, has obtained…

Hoeijmakers’ aging and healthspan research, published on CORDIS, EU website

Our genetic blueprint, DNA, faces constant damage—whether from UV light, chemicals, or spontaneous processes. When DNA repair…

Eating, socializing or exploring: How the brain switches between different behaviors

Project involving the University of Cologne (UoC) gives insights into a key brain function / publication in Nature Neuroscience

Keeping the immune system in check

Researchers from the University of Cologne (UoC) have discovered a regulatory mechanism that prevents an excessive and harmful…

Mechanism discovered that protects tissue after faulty gene expression

A study at the CECAD Cluster of Excellence in Aging Research has identified a protein complex that is activated by defects in the…

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"Mitochondrial psychobiology in immune and brain cells" a presentation by Martin Picard

12.04.2024, 12:00 MPI Age




A presentation by Nora Voegtle

18.04.2024, 12:00 MPI Age



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