Core Facilities

The latest technologies provided by the Core Facilities allow CECAD’s scientists to analyze complex biomolecules, gain in-depth understanding of genetic and molecular networks, and perform high-resolution imaging of physiological and cell biological processes.
Our Core Facilities are integral to the success of CECAD’s key research projects and contribute critical information for both basic scientific and clinical research. They provide state-of-the-art technical platforms including electron microscopy and fluorescence imaging, modern mass spectroscopy for quantitative protein and lipid analyses, and professional genomic and bioinformatic resources. The Core Facilities lie at the heart of the new CECAD research center and the entire Excellence Cluster. Prof. Aleksandra Trifunovic acts as spokesperson for the five CECAD Core Facilities.

Five facilities offer CECAD scientists an exceptional environment and state-of-the-art technology:

The CECAD Technology Platform’s strategic mission is to promote close cooperation between systemically and molecularly oriented research groups.

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trifunovic CECAD

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Trifunovic

Principal Investigator
Head of Research Area 1

+49 221 478 842 91


CECAD Research Center

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