About Translational Research

Translational research is one of CECAD’s key focus areas. It links scientists, engaged in basic biological research with those in clinical practice. In cooperation with the Center for Clinical Studies, the translational platform provides the efficient drive and intelligent control system for the whole process. The platform is the partner for successful cooperations between biotech companies, basic sciences, and clinical practice. It includes the clinical application of new medications, substances, and procedures, as well as quality assurance of studies and medical findings. Patents that have already been granted and pending patent applications reflect both the financial and the scientific success of the translational process.

The translational process:

  • Phase 1 – Basic research: The groundwork
  • Phase 2 – Study idea: Drafting an inital outline from promising results
  • Phase 3 – Planning: First planning stage
  • Phase 4 – Study concept: Development of a concrete study design
  • Phase 5 – Clinical trial: Formal clinical trial
  • Phase 6 – Clinical routine: Transfer of results into clinical practice
  • Phase 7 – Feedback loop: Relay of information and questions emerging from clinical practice straight back to the basic research laboratory

Prof. Dr. med. Oliver A. Cornely CECAD

Prof. Dr. med. Oliver A. Cornely

Professor of Translational Research
Leader of Research Platform B

+49 221 478 85523


Uniklinik Köln

Kerpener Str. 62

50937 Köln


Centrum für Infektionsmedizin (CIM)

The Translational Research Institute of CECAD is a member of the Centre for Infection Medicine (CIM) at the University Hospital of Cologne.

More information

Facts & Figures
  • Number of translational projects: 82
  • Number of cooperating institutes: >140
  • (State of 02/2018)
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