Women in Science 2021

CECAD celebrates its women in science

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science aims at raising awareness that science and gender equality needs to advance hand-in-hand in order to meet global challenges. This day is an opportunity to remind the international science community that tackling some of the greatest challenges in scientific areas such as medicine or climate change relies on harnessing all talents and that only diversity in research expands the pool of talented researchers.

CECAD would like to take this opportunity to celebrate our great international women in science.

Let's see what they have to say!

We will know that we are doing things right when the term “gender equality” is no longer useful in science.

'Every being is a special creation of nature, align with nature and let nature reveal why it created the enigma that is you. Follow your instincts fearlessly, work hard on your instincts to stand up for your dreams, turn every challenge into opportunity, and don’t forget to celebrate your achievements, or stepping stones, as they are called.'

'Science requires passion, as every discovery brings more questions than answers. The opportunity to discover something new that no one has ever seen before has been thrilling and fulfilling.'

'Science offers me the great opportunity to satisfy my curiosity and follow my passion. Fortunately, I never felt like a “woman” in science. I am a scientist, as are men.'

'One of my mentors early in my career told me I shouldn’t pursue a PhD degree because I didn’t have what it takes to be a good scientist. Boy, did I prove him wrong!'

'Waking up to everyday for the possibility to gain a new knowledge and make a positive impact to science and society have encouraged me to be a women scientist.'

'Knowledge saves the world!'

'Follow your curiosity – it’s the best way to shield yourself from the limiting beliefs others may have about you.'

'Don’t let anyone convince you that the questions you have are not good enough to ask. The world is a safer, healthier, more understanding place for each time answers were found to these questions.'

'Doing research is like digging the unknown. Here, it is possible, everyday, in an amazing interational atmosphere. A great privilege and opportunity feeding my curiosity for quite some years already.'

'Always move forward, answer new questions, reinvent the already established knowledge. This is science, both a passion and a challenge.'