CECAD Organization and Management

CECAD wird von schlanken und effizienten Führungs- und Managementstrukturen unterstützt: Der CECAD-Vorstand steuert die strategischen und finanziellen Entscheidungen, während die CECAD-Zentrale die Management- und Verwaltungsaufgaben des Clusters wahrnimmt.


Successful research requires good administration to support it. We organize and manage the research environment, and support promising young scientists by helping them to set up independent research groups and by offering a structured doctoral program and further career development opportunities. We take care of the financing for joint research projects, provide administrative back-up for the research platforms and lastly, through active communication with the relevant stakeholders of CECAD, we not only increase the availability of information, but also raise the level of awareness of research into aging and the activities of CECAD.