Prof. Cornely receives Johann Lucas Schönlein Medal

14.09.2022 Prof. Oliver Cornely

Prof. Dr. Oliver Cornely, Picture: Michael Wodak

German-speaking Mycological Society

Univ. Prof. Dr. Oliver Cornely, Director of Translational Research at CECAD and Scientific Director of the Center for Clinical Studies (ZKS) Cologne at the University Hospital of Cologne and the Faculty of Medicine, has been awarded the Johann-Lucas-Schönlein-Plakette by the Deutschsprachige Mykologische Gesellschaft e.V (German-speaking Mycological Society). He received it on September 13, 2022, during the 56th MYK Scientific Meeting in Vienna.

The Johann-Lucas-Schönlein-Plakette is one of the highest honors in the German-speaking field of mycology and has been awarded since 1981 to physicians who have rendered outstanding services to medical mycology. Schönlein (1793-1864) had identified the pathogen of "Favus" (Trichophyton schoenleinii) as a fungus for the first time in 1839 and with this discovery paved the way for medical mycology.

Prof. Cornely heads the European Center of Excellence for Invasive Fungal Diseases (ECMM) at the University Hospital of Cologne and is Past-President of this confederation, which serves as an umbrella organization of 28 national mycological societies.

The scientist established the ECMM "One World One Guideline" program, the ECMM Academy, and the ECMM Excellence Center initiative, which accredits clinical and microbiological centers of excellence following an international audit process.

It coordinates guidelines for invasive fungal infections and is currently working with mycologists from more than 80 countries to adapt treatment guidelines to healthcare settings worldwide.