Unveiling New Aging Horizons: Insights from The Cologne Aging Conference 2024

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Group photo of the speakers of the conference with some of the organizers.
An active poster session.
Glimpse of one of the four round tables: postdocs and PhD students discussing with Sara Hägg (Karolinska Institutet, Sweden) and Jan Hoeijmakers (Erasmus MC, Netherlands)
The crowded auditorium in the MPI for the Biology of Ageing during one of the sessions.

A glimpse into the latest from aging research, featuring international speakers, vibrant discussions, and keynotes that delve into the heart of scientific inquiry: where practical insights and collaborative spirit defined the success of this conference.

The two days of The Cologne Aging Conference 2024 “From Molecules to Complex Organisms” (29/30.1.2024) achieved remarkable success, drawing over 300 registrations and featuring an array of distinguished international and local speakers at the MPI for Biology of Ageing. To include all interested people, the sessions were streamed from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing to the CECAD Lecture Hall, allowing anyone who was interested to drop by and enjoy the scientific talks.

Throughout the first day, attendees explored diverse topics, from sensory programming of metabolism to age-related ciliopathy mechanisms, contributing to a rich array of knowledge. Highlights were the two keynote lectures by Susanne Mandrup, whose exploration of the transcriptional control of adipogenesis illuminated the intricacies of this vital process, and Pekka Katajisto. His work on the aging of the stem cell niche provided a deep understanding of a critical aspect in the field, unraveling the dynamics of stem cell function during aging.

The vibrant poster session in the evening, featuring over 50 posters, provided a platform for young scientists from both the hosting institute and many others abroad to showcase their latest research and foster collaborative discussions.

The second day continued the momentum with keynote lectures that left a lasting impact. Ines Thiele's presentation on advancing computational medicine with whole-body metabolic modeling demonstrated the integration of cutting-edge technology into aging research. The grand finale featured Emma Teeling, whose keynote explored the intriguing question of bats' extended longevity, adding a captivating dimension to the conference.

Sessions delved into somatic mutations, mitochondrial progeria, the molecular secrets of stemness, and the regulation of cell states by mechanical force. The event concluded with a sense of accomplishment, fueled by the intellectual wealth shared during the conference.

The "Meet the Speakers' Lunch" Postdoc/PhD Event, organized by a dedicated team of 9 Postdoc/PhD volunteers, offered young scientists the opportunity to interact with renowned speakers, ask them personal questions about career and science, providing insight in what the future of aging research could look like.

As the curtains closed on the Cologne Aging Conference 2024, the impact of the keynote lectures lingered, leaving the scientific community enriched, inspired, and poised for collaborative endeavors in the dynamic field of aging research.

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