Hoeijmakers’ aging and healthspan research, published on CORDIS, EU website

27.03.2024 TopNews Prof. Dr. Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers

Our genetic blueprint, DNA, faces constant damage—whether from UV light, chemicals, or spontaneous processes. When DNA repair mechanisms falter, trouble brews. Increased disease risk emerges, and aging accelerates.

Prof. Hoeijmakers’ Dam2Age grant brings together scientists from three respected institutes: Erasmus MC, the Princess Maxima Center for Pediatric Oncology, and the University of Cologne, CECAD. Their study, officially published on the EU Cordis website on January 15, 2024, dives into the fascinating connections between DNA damage, aging, and Diet Restriction (DR). Beyond just understanding how these factors impact normal aging, they’ve uncovered the underlying mechanisms. Using unique mouse models and innovative tests, the team is actively searching for ways to mimic the effects of DR through nutrition. This research serves as a crucial stepping stone toward a universal therapy for progeroid syndromes (conditions that cause rapid aging) and even preventing aging-related diseases like dementia.

By studying special mice with accelerated aging, progeroid Ercc1Δ/- mutant mice, they found that Diet Restriction—the only known intervention to delay aging—remarkably extends life- and healthspan by 200%.

These groundbreaking results, which link what we eat to DNA repair, have huge implications for healthy aging. Prof. Hoeijmakers and his team are unraveling the secrets of our genes, nutrition, and aging. Their work could lead to new ways to keep us healthier as we grow older.


For more details, visit the CORDIS website, where the European Commission shares research results with the world.

LINK: https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/448476-new-approaches-to-addressing-ageing-related-diseases?WT.mc_id=exp


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