Insights on DNA damage and aging shared in Forbes

27.03.2024 TopNews Prof. Dr. Jan H. J. Hoeijmakers

The new study recently published in Nature Genetics by Jan Hoeijmkers, Akos Gyenis, Jiang Chang, and Joris Pothof, has obtained significant attention for its insights into the aging process. Released online on January 19, 2023, the research sheds light on the molecular mechanisms underlying aging, a current hot topic among scientists and the public.

Highlighted in a Forbes article dated February 13, 2024, the research was conducted in collaboration between Erasmus MC and CECAD, and employed cutting-edge techniques like in vivo nascent RNA sequencing and RNA polymerase II ChIP-Seq to explore the relationship between DNA damage and gene expression in aging murine liver cells.

The study identifies age-related DNA damage accumulation as a key factor driving changes in gene expression linked to aging hallmarks. Although repairing DNA damage is currently not possible, this finding could suggest a promising direction to further explore in order to develop therapeutic interventions and address age-related health decline in the future.


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