Everyone is a Scientist!

Primary School Project

The primary school project "Everyone is a Scientist!" was initiated by Prof. Dr. Carien Niessen and developed together with staff and scientists from the CECAD Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research.

The Aims
The aim of the project is to make diversity in research visible. Primary school children should learn that all children have the opportunity to become scientists, regardless of their origin, skin color or the income and level of education of their parents. This is to be achieved through simple and understandable experiments that arouse enthusiasm for research.

The School
The primary school Riphahnstraße in Cologne Seeberg-Nord was chosen as a partner school for the project. The school is located on the border to Cologne Chorweiler - around 360 children from 35 different nations are taught here.

The Science!
With the active support of employees of the CECAD Cluster of Excellence for Aging Research, who act as mentors for the children during the experiments, two successful runs of the project have already been realized. On five dates each, the children built rockets and a so called Da Vinci-bridge, designed sundials and even explored their own DNA.

The children were full of joy and showed a big spirit of discovery. The mentors - from Bench to Classroom - were also enthusiastic and enjoyed supporting the children in their experiments.

The third run of the project is already starting at the end of 2023, which speaks for the great success and positive response from the school and the children!


Would you like to take part in the project as a mentor?

We are always looking for committed mentors to awaken the children's desire to experiment and research.

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