Family Support

At CECAD Research Center, we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment that acknowledges the importance of family, ensuring that our employees can thrive both professionally and personally. Our family support measures are designed to help our employees balance their professional and personal lives effectively. We believe that promoting work-life balance and fostering diversity enhances productivity and encourages talented scientists to conduct research here.

Child Day Care

CECAD holds a contingent of child day care spots at the University‘s day care center Paramecium on campus. Paramecium provides opening hours geared to the needs of scientific researchers and day care centers which are open all year round with almost no closing periods at all. Scientist of CECAD full member labs can apply for one of CECADs spots. Applications and related questions should be directed to the day care center directly.

Furthermore, CECAD can financially support child care offers provided by the Dual Career & Family Support (CFS) Center of the UoC. The offer includes finding babysitters, emergency care provided by the Backup-Service, holiday child care and event child care. Regarding the financial support please contact the CECAD department for Career development and Diversity.

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CECAD Family Room

Has your babysitter cancelled, or is the day-care center closed, and you still need to get some work done? The Family Room (room 1.041, 1st floor) is one of CECAD’s contributions to help those juggling family and career. It’s intended for use on a short-term basis when day-care facilities are closed and babysitters are not available, etc. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can also use it as a quiet room. It’s furnished with a fully equipped computer workplace, a comfy chair, a baby bed and lots of toys.

Register with us once at the start and book the room online whenever you need it! Access is easy with the CECAD chip card.

Please also check the terms of use of the family room.

Family Support Grant

CECAD promotes the reconciliation between work and private life for all members. We aim to create a friendly family work environment to particularly support parents (mothers and fathers) with young children or employees responsible for care-dependent family members (min. level-of-care I). The support can be granted for PhD students, Postdocs or Junior Group Leaders who are CECAD members or belong to a laboratory of a CECAD member.

The application should be submitted at least 3 months before support is required.

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For any further information, please contact Franziska or Jessica.

Dr. Franziska Ottens CECAD

Dr. Franziska Ottens

Managing Coordinator Education,
Career Development & Diversity

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Jessica Knedler CECAD

Jessica Knedler

Assistance Coordinator Education,
Career Development & Diversity


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