Imaging Facility

The CECAD Imaging Facility was founded in 2009 as a light microscopy facility for the excellence cluster and the University campus. In 2013, the facility was extended to a light and electron microscopy platform. We are located at the CECAD main building at the Uniclinics campus and provide a spectrum of services to the scientists.

Dr. Astrid Schauss CECAD

Dr. Astrid Schauss

Head of Imaging Facility

+49 221 478 840 27


CECAD Cologne / Imaging Facility

CECAD Forschungszentrum
Joseph-Stelzmann-Str. 26

50931 Köln


Booking System:

OMERO image repository:
(Only available within the campus network, use VPN for external access)


We are charging for our services. Graduated charges apply for the different user groups (Members of CECAD, University staff, external scientists). Enquiries can be addressed to Dr. Astrid Schauss.

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