Press Releases 2021

Study explores diet as a key factor in kidney disease

Cologne’s university medicine to coordinate EU vaccine research network VACCELERATE

New, highly precise ‘clock’ can measure biological age

Sara Wickström is a new member of the International Faculty

Same nerve cell - different influence on food intake

Small cell lung cancer: Scientists identify two new approaches for therapy

Gut to brain: nerve cells detect what we eat

Layer by layer: Scientists decipher how skin layers are formed

Old drug, new target: Rapamycin changes the way our DNA is stored

One for all: Convergent mechanism of ageing discovered

Proteingleichgewicht im Fortpflanzungssystem kann Krankheiten verhindern

Plasticity in Plants depends on adaption to ecology

Stiffness of skin tissue determines the renewal capacity of stem cells

Starvation and other Stresses: Internal Sensor in Cells Coordinates Cellular Stress Response

Scientists discover new regulators of the aging process

Fountain of youth for ageing stem cells in bone marrow

Defense or repair How immune cells are controlled during wound healing