Image Analysis

The CECAD Imaging Facility advises researchers on how to get the information of interest out of their images. For this purpose, we offer two strategies:

  • Application of existing image analysis software
    For many bioimage-related problems a variety of image analysis tools already exists. We support users in the choice of tools and methods that best fit their needs.
  • Development of novel image analysis approaches
    In case no appropriate method exists, we can develop tailored image analysis algorithms. These long-term projects are done in a collaboration approach together with the imaging facility.
  • We offer dedicated analysis and processing software on a dedicated analysis station.
    The following software packages are available in the facility:



Application Example

  • Huygens (Scientific Volume Imaging): Image Deconvolution
  • Imaris (Bitplane): 3D visualization and analysis visualization
    (modules: Coloc, MeasurementPro, Track, Vantage, Lineage, FilamentTracer, XT, Cell)
  • Volocity (PerkinElmer): Multidimensional processing and analysis
  • SymPhoTime (Picoquant): Fluorescent lifetime imaging (FLIM) analysis
  • Matlab (Mathworks): Programming and visualization environment
  • FIJI/ImageJ (open source): image processing and development
  • OMERO.insight (open source): Client to access the OMERO image visualization and management server
  •  Cellprofiler (open source): versatile image analysis workflow designer
  • Ilastik (open source): image classification and segmentation
  • KNIME (open source): Data analytics, reporting and integration platform

Dr. Astrid Schauss CECAD

Dr. Astrid Schauss

Head of CECAD / CMMC Imaging Facility

+49 221 478 840 27


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