The Winter Calendar 2023 is here!

Every day a new chance to find the hidden ticket and win a prize.

With the approaching of the Winter Season and taking from some local traditions, CECAD is happy to present the "CECAD Winter Calendar"! We hope to bring a festive feeling and engage our CECAD Community with this mixture of "treasure chest hunt" meets "winter traditions".

Concept, Design and Organization by Tanio Calabrese

Reversing the roles... CECAD challenges Tanio
  • 1 Dec, He Chen (Nephrolab) 
  • 2 Dec, Inês Cabrita (Nephrolab)
  • 3 Dec, Annamaria Regina (Corrado Lab)
  • 4 Dec, Vandit Shah (Nephrolab)
  • 5 Dec, Eva Wiesner (Nephrolab)
  • 6 Dec, Helena Petereit (Nephrolab)
  • 7 Dec, Jorge Soriano-Campos (Bergami Lab)
  • 8 Dec, Tim Schlegel (Rugarli Lab)
  • 9 Dec, Eleonora Zilio (Rugarli Lab)
  • 10 Dec, Samantha Filipów (Nephrolab)
  • 11 Dec, Irene Costa (Rugarli Lab)
  • 12 Dec, Rrejusha Parayil (Rugarli Lab)
  • 13 Dec, Angelina Job Kolady (Schumacher Lab)
  • 14 Dec, Marcel Dickes (Pforte/Reception)
  • 15 Dec, Arturo Bujarrabal (Schumacher Lab)

You did it! Well done to all of you!
Stay tuned for more upcoming brainy fun...



Each day at 12 o'clock one of the windows will open revealing a hint, which can come in form of a picture, a text or who knows...
Click on the window and retrieve your hint!

All you have to do is to start your search and find that little ticket. Once you found it, follow the rules below and be ready to receive your prize during the Get-Together at the CECAD Winter Retreat on December 15th.

Happy Winter Season to all of You & a lot of fun playing!


  • There is only one hidden ticket per day.
  • Once someone won on a day, they cannot win a second time on a different day. Let also other people get the joy of winning.
  • Upon finding the ticket, please write an email to Tanio, showing a picture of the ticket and writing your name and lab/group.
  • Once we have a daily winner, their name is going to be posted above in LUCKY TICKET FINDERS. This will also signal that the winning ticket has already been found!
  • Replace the found ticket with a new post-it saying it was already found (e.g. "Tanio found it"). In this way, more people can still play the game, although they won't receive a prize.
  • For the weekends, the hint will be posted automatically, but probably the winner won't be posted until Monday (we will try tho).
  • The specific prizes for each day will be revealed during the Get-Together at the CECAD Winter Retreat on December 15th, where we will also distribute them.
  • Do not forget to be respectful of the other people in the building and of the building itself.
  • Have a lot of fun and tell others! :)

For more information, please contact Tanio:

Dr. Gaetano Calabrese | Tanio CECAD

Dr. Gaetano Calabrese | Tanio

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