CECAD is celebrating Women and Girls in Science

"We can all do our part to unleash our world’s enormous untapped talent – starting with filling classrooms, laboratories, and boardrooms with women scientists"
UN Secretary-General António Guterres


The International Day of Women and Girls in Science was created to raise awareness that science and gender equality must go hand in hand to address global challenges. This day aims to remind the international science community that addressing some of the biggest challenges in scientific fields, such as medicine or climate change, depends on harnessing all talent. Women and girls make up half of the world's population and thus represent half of that population's potential. As a consequence, diversity in research is the only way to expand the pool of talented researchers.
At CECAD, we would like to take this opportunity today to celebrate our great international women in science.

Serena Salman, PhD student at Hoppe lab:

“Diversity in science isn’t just about the mere achievement of the 50-50 ratio. It’s rather about driving innovation from the cumulative uniqueness of the creative minds that are brought along whilst cultivating inspiration in those that are to follow. Science is the foundation that enables us to understand how the entire world functions, and to achieve that, it can't be reserved for a few.”

Polina Zhigulina, PhD student at Tittgemeyer lab:

"Science is a lifestyle. By challenging you daily, it elevates you above the routine. Every research is a balancing act between applying common knowledge and sparking the creative process. Each step deeper into the exploration of the surrounding world is, first of all, a step to self-understanding.”