Light Microscopes

Superresolution microscope, confocal microscope with white laser and FLIM. 

Name TCS SP8 gSTED 3X, Leica Microsystems
Type Confocal laser scanning microscope with superresolution (~50nm lateral, 120nm axial) and FLIM
Model Inverse, DMI 6000 AFC
Laser lines 405nm, 458nm, 477nm, 488nm, 514nm, white light laser (470-670nm tunable), STED-Laser 592nm, STED-Laser 775nm
Objectives Fluotar 10x/0,3 /PL Apo 20x/0,75 Multi-Immersion, PL Apo 40x/1,3 Oil DIC, PL Apo 63x/1,2 water DIC, PL Apo 100x/1.40 Oil STED Orange, HC PL APO 93X/1.30 GLYC motCORR
Detectors 2 HyD´s (gateable), 2 PMT´s, 1 HyD SMD
Add-ons gSTED, FLIM (FALCON), tandem scanner (12kHz), Incubation chamber (Ludin IceCube), CO2, HyVolution, Stage Overview
Software LAS X, Lightning, tau-STED, FCS