Light Microscopes

Multiphoton microscope with OPO and FLIM for deep tissue or intravital imaging.

Name TCS SP8 MP-OPO, Leica Microsystems
Type Confocal and multiphoton microscope with mouse holder and FLIM
Model Upright fixed stage, DM 6000 CFS
Laser lines Chameleon Vision II (680-1040nm), OPO (1030-1280nm), 1Ph-Laser: 405nm, 448nm, 488nm, 552nm, 638nm
Objectives PL Apo 20x/0.75 multi immersion, IR Apo L25x/0.95 W, PL IR Apo 40x/1.10 W Corr, PL Apo 63x/1.40 Oil CS2
Detectors 2 internal HyD´s, 3 internal PMT´s, 2 NDD HyD´s
Stage Scientifica stage
Add-ons FLIM (Picoquant), mouse holder with anesthesia equipment and mouse operation table (Medres), tandem scanner (8 kHz), pumping system for acute slices, Stage overview
Software LAS X